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Choctaw @ Navarre - Game of the Week Replay

Watch the "Game of the Week" video coverage of the Choctawahatchee High School Indians and the Navarre High School Raiders at Bennett C. Russell Stadium in Navarre, Florida on October 18, 2013.

Two district contenters, the Choctaw Indians and the Navarre Raiders, face off for the battle to determine who will lead the district.  The Indians were the first to score and lead the way throughout the entire first half, going into halftime with a 28 vs 14 lead.  However, the Raiders came back strong in the second half, tying up the score 28 vs 28 at the start of the fourth quarter.  The Indians made a tremendous effort to pass up the Raiders, but a touchdown pass was denied by the referees by an extremely close to the line catch.  Then the Raiders scored to make the score 28 vs 35, thus taking the lead for the rest of the game.  Definitely an exciting game to watch for both teams having their moments, but the Raiders proved the victors in this district challenge.


Both the Choctaw Style Marchers and the Navarre Raiders Bands provided the Halftime entertainment.