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Choctaw @ Niceville - Game of the Week Replay

Watch the "Game of the Week" video coverage of the Choctawahatchee High School Indians and the Niceville High School Eagles face off at Eagle Stadium in Niceville, Florida on September 20, 2013.

Two undefeated teams faced off at Eagles Stadium but only one team dominated the game as the Niceville Eagles started off the first quarter with two back-to-back touchdowns starting with the first kick return.  The humbled Choctaw Indians was able to get a field goal in the first half and nearly had a touchdown in the second half, but they were unprepared for fury of the Niceville Eagles.  Final score was Niceville 56, Choctaw 3.

The first quarter of the game was sponsored by Preston Hood Chevrolet.  Supporting sponsors were Preston Hood and Mulhollows Bistro 215.

* NOTE: Due to a logistical issue with Niceville High School, we were unable to broadcast the game LIVE and thus do not have a play-by-play commentary for this game.