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FWB Vikings vs Crestview Bulldogs - Game of the Week Replay

Watch the "Game of the Week" video coverage of the Fort Walton Beach High School Vikings and the Crestview High School Bulldogs battle each other for a redeeming win at Jack Foster Stadium in Crestview, Florida on September 27, 2013.

The Vikings (2-2) and the Bulldogs (1-3) had a lot riding on this game as both try to improve their standings after humbling losses last week.  But the Vikings proved to be the victors in this challenge as they were the first to score and led the game from the first quarter.  The Bulldogs' offense really came alive during the second half of the game as they tried to close the gap on the scoreboard, but the Vikings defense held them at bay with a final score of Vikings 35 - Crestview 18.


Both high school bands provided wonder halftime entertainment.


The first quarter sponsor was Preston Hood Chevrolet in FWB. Supporting sponsors were Mulhollow Bristro 215 in downtown Fort Walton Beach and the NWF Daily News.

Produced by with Johnny C Alexander as commentator and RJ Murdock as cameras and technical director.