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Choctaw @ Crestview - Game of the Week Replay

Watch the "Game of the Week" video coverage of the Choctawahatchee High School Indians and the Crestview High School Bulldogs battle it out at Jack Foster Stadium in Crestview, Florida on September 6, 2013.

Both team show a lot of talent and a couple of missteps, which brought the final minutes of 4th quarter to an intense battle as the Crestview Bulldogs fight to defeat the 1-point advantage the Choctaw Indians had over them on their home turf. And football wasn't the only battle vying for the spectators affection as the Choctaw Style Marchers and Crestview's Big Red perform during halftime.

We would also like to thank Crestview High School for allowing us to cover the game, Ken Neilsen of Crestview Community Television for sharing their space and venue assistance, and the Daily News for helping to promote our "Game of the Week" LIVE stream coverage.

BTW: This game will be airing on Cox Cable channel 6 starting Monday, September 9, 2013.  However, we need to clean up some video glitches that occurred during the 2nd half of the game due to our switching software.  If you see a noticeable glitch while watching the replay, please leave us a comment below and mention at what timecode it occurred.  We appreciate your assistance.